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Global Beauty Secrets brings make-up, skin care and hair care products to

Europe. Unique and innovative products you would travel the world for.

Beauty brands that strike you with a dose of fun. Trendsetting products

with a story to tell. Exciting, high quality brands that distinguish

themselves by offering great value for money. Products that are brought

to the European market by a carefully selected retailers network.


Worldwide Beauty Hunting

As European distributor of innovative beauty secrets the experienced

team of Global Beauty Secrets is hunting the world for new make-up,

skin care and hair care treasures. Products with a strong reputation, that

are not yet available in Europe. Brands that are loved for their nurturing

and beautification qualities. Is there a product you just love for what it

does? Let us know, we might be bringing your favorite beauty product to

the European market soon. Are you a passionate product developer of

trendsetting beauty products that are not yet available in Europe? We

love to meet you!


Innovative retail partners

We love our beauty brands and are always looking for new retailers who are

as passionate about beauty as we are. Innovative retail partners who are eager

to create a unique consumer experience. Do you own a store and are you keen

on the latest trends? Are you not afraid to be the first to sell that latest must-have

to your clients? Let's get in touch!





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