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About us


At Global Beauty Secrets, we consider it our mission to bring worldwide make-up, skin care and hair care secrets to the

European market. We see beauty products as a tool to extend your inner me. We adore products with a glimpse of lifestyle

and fashion. We focus on trendsetting beauty brands that offer high quality products at reasonable prices. Innovative products

made of the best ingredients. Above all, beauty products that are fun!


We composed a professional team of people who worked just at the most prestigious brands and the largest beauty retailers. A team that is passionate about trendsetting beauty products.

A team that understands what women who like to mix and match beauty products are looking for. Now they travel the world together

hunting for highly desired beauty treasures that are not available in Europe yet.


Do you have a beauty product that is ready for Europe? Do you want to distinguish yourself from other retailers and fulfill

the growing consumer need for innovative and trendsetting beauty products? Please contact us.

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