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The Nail Color stories of The New Black     


The New Black is an innovative, high quality nail color brand. The brand is

famous for its fashion-forward colors and pre-edited sets. Sets to create

cool, color curated nail designs at home right out of the box. To make

sure you have the trendiest nails in town, The New Black launches one logo/TNB-Logo.jpg

fashionable set after another. Whether it is the latest ombré trend or

typography nails.


The New Black is not only trendy and fun, but is vegan-friendly and

camphor-free. As The New Black works with only the best ingredients

the nail polish is longwearing, chip-resistant and non-toxic. The nail polish

is made in the USA.


Ready for innovation in color? The fashionable pre-edited sets by The New Black are now available in Europe. sfeer/bank_holiday_waves.jpg sfeerfoto algemeen/TYPOGRAPHY_Times_Late_Edition.jpg sfeerfoto ombre/OMBRÉ_SHADES_Graffiti_V1.jpg


100 % Natural fresh breath mist by Kissing Elixirs logo/Kissing-Elixer-Logo.jpg

Kissing Elixirs fresh breath mist is the first effective and completely natural

take on fresh breath. A stylish product for fashionable women. An image

builder, and therefore the first mouth spray you use with pride. The

decidedly chic, portable design makes it easy to refresh on the go and,

like love itself, the extra potent and long-lasting flavor burst is not for the

faint of heart.


Ready for a breathtaking kiss? sfeer kissing elixirs/Kissing-Elixer-Comercial-picture.jpg


Kardashian Beauty


The Kardashians launched their own make-up line.

With the release of the make-up line they bring their love for beauty within reach

of women worldwide.

The high quality products bring the looks for which the Kardashian sisters

are famous within reach of women worldwide.


The products are suitable for women of all skin colors, skin types and ages.

The line features all kinds of make-up products based on exquisite formulas.

Each of the products in the Kardashian Beauty  range has been designed to

deliver a sense of luxury at an affordable price.


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